Farewell Global ABS Community

After four years of work, the first phase of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project ended in June 23rd, 2021. As a consequence, this website will be offline shortly. From now on, for ABS inquiries, please contact Dr. Santiago Carrizosa, UNDP Global Adviser on ABS, at santiago.carrizosa@undp.org.

It has been a long way, with great accomplishments. Thanks to efforts of 23 countries, the project has delivered 23 ABS legal frameworks developed with the participation of all stakeholders, 8 of them already approved; 33 biodiscovery projects identified and strengthened with improved research capabilities to add value to their own genetic resources and traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources in 22 countries; 28 Biocultural Community Protocols supported in 15 countries; an improvement of 35% in the capacities of national and competent authorities to develop, implement and enforce national ABS domestic legislation; and an increase in the political profile of ABS by linking the national ABS framework with national policies on scientific and technological innovation, research and development, in one third of the countries through the development of bioprospecting strategies.

There is much more to be done. ABS is still work in progress. We hope that the Global ABS Community and the exchanges between the members continue to take place, building together a fairer and greener global system, that can lead us to a more sustainable and equitable life on Earth. By working as a community, we can achieve the ABS we ALL need.

Thanks Global ABS Community. See you soon!

Video of the Global ABS Project Final Workshop:
Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities. Making ABS Work for All

The first phase of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project closed with a final workshop, held in May 2021, to assess the project’s impacts and discuss challenges, and opportunities to ensure the sustainability of the project’s outcomes. This private event gathered the 23 countries covered by the project to exchange experiences and lessons learned on the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol at the national level. Learn more here.

UNDP-GEF ABS around the world

There is a global ABS project with 24 countries and national ABS projects in 16 countries

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