Santiago Carrizosa


UNDP Global Advisor on ABS






English, Spanish

Santiago Carrizosa is the UNDP global advisor on the issue of access to genetic resources and benefit sharing. He supports the countries where UNDP has a presence with the development of projects and policies in the areas of access to genetic resources and distribution of benefits and conservation of biodiversity.

Prior to joining UNDP, Santiago worked with the Inter-American Development Bank in designing its biodiversity policy and incorporating biodiversity criteria into its project portfolio. Santiago has also been a professor at the University of California, Davis where he taught environmental policy and biodiversity conservation. Santiago also worked with the National Planning Department of Colombia in the formulation of national environmental policies. Santiago has a master’s and doctorate in Environmental Policy and more than 25 years of experience in project management and advising to multiple countries in areas of environmental policy and biodiversity conservation and is the author of publications in the areas of access to genetic resources and distribution of benefits, conservation and use of biodiversity.

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