5 Key Resources on Gender approach in Access and Benefit Sharing

5 Key Resources on Gender approach in Access and Benefit Sharing

In terms of biodiversity conservation women are key players. They maintain a tight relationship with genetic and biological resources, as users, managers, and custodians of the biological diversity. However, their role as part of decision-making processes at their communities is often limited. This issue prevent them from accessing the benefits derived from the use of their traditional knowledge and natural resources.

In this regard, we present five useful tools to guide efforts on mainstreaming gender considerations into ABS compliant value chains.

Indigenous Women Leadership in Biodiversity Management

The second session of the Custodians of Biodiversity webinar series was focused on how ABS can contribute to increase indigenous women participation in decision making processes at the community level.

With the participation of Viviana Figueroa and Hortencia Hidalgo from the Indigenous Women Network for Biodiversity in Latin America, Janet Arteaga and Tamara Osorno from Women & Environment – Mexico, and Sumak Bastidas, leader of the Kichua-Puruwa People in Ecuador and former UNV focal point for the Global ABS project,  were conducted the following presentations:

  • Equator Prize winner Mujeres y Ambiente (Women and Environment)
  • Mainstreaming Gender into ABS
  • Indigenous Women Leadership in Latin America

The Mainstreaming Gender into ABS Value Chains Toolkit

Published by the UNDP – GEF Global ABS Project, this publication provides guidelines to development professionals working on genetic resources in their efforts to mainstream gender considerations into ABS Value Chains.

This toolkit aims to be useful not only to help women have a fair and equitable share of benefits but also to ensure  ABS puts  in  place  mechanisms to  enhance  environmental  benefits, generate sustainable business dividends and act as true accelerator of sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.

Webinar on Mainstreaming Gender into ABS: Experimenting new Approaches to Think Equal, Build Smart and Innovate for Change

This activity address the current issues and assets regarding gender, biodiversity and the Post-2020 agenda. It provides context, analytical approaches, case studies and lessons learned in order to introduce the previously mentioned gender toolkit on mainstreaming gender into ABS, leading the integration of gender considerations into ABS compliant Value Chains.

Webinar on Gender and ABS

What benefits could we expect from mainstreaming gender into ABS ? How do we do it?

This webinar sheds the lights on the differentiated gender roles among ABS value chains, explains the underlying cultural determinants and – most importantly-, it analyzes gender-based implications for ABS value chains.

Módulo de Género y Gestión de la Biodiversidad (Gender Module and Biodiversity Management)

Prepared by the Genetic Resources and Amphibians Conservation project, in collaboration with the Global ABS Project, and supervised by the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, the Module on Gender and Biodiversity aims to strengthen and make aware the gender equality approach and its relationship with normative and pragmatics orientations of biodiversity conservation.

Find useful resources on other topics related to the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol at the Global ABS Community.

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