Webinar on Private Sector Experiences on ABS: Challenges and Recommendations

Webinar on Private Sector Experiences on ABS: Challenges and Recommendations

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Private companies from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture, biotechnology and other sectors use genetic resources for the development of products that are essential to society and contribute to implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Nagoya Protocol and national ABS laws and policies provide the guidance, rules and procedures under which these companies can access and use genetic resources.

This webinar presents three experiences of private sector companies from the cosmetics, food and fragrance industry that use genetic resources under national ABS regulations. The CEO of Provital Group will present the company’s efforts to access genetic resources from Mexico for the development of a cosmetic product. A representative from Symrise will present the implications, challenges and opportunities of the national implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the flavor and fragrance industry. Lastly, a representative from Cosmo International Ingredients will present the Colombian case, related to the use of the Uchuva fruit for the development of a cosmetic product.

The panelists and presentations of this webinar are as follows:

Alejandro Lago, Manager of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project– Welcome Remarks and Presentation of Panelists (3 min).

Ricard Armengol, CEO, Provital Group – Using Genetic Resources in Mexico: Provital’s Experience and Recommendations (15 m).

Sascha Liese, Sustainability Manager, Symrise (15 m) – The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing: Challenges and Opportunities in the Flavor & Fragrance Industry (15 m).

Julien Le Masson, Sourcing and Purchasing Manager, Cosmo International Ingredients -Cosmo’s Experience of ABS Process in Colombia: Example of the Uchuva Extract (15 m)

Santiago Carrizosa, UNDP’s Global Advisor on ABS – Closing Remarks (5 m).


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10 December 2019




Fernando López



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