Webinar on IT tool for Monitoring Access and Benefit Sharing in India

Webinar on IT tool for Monitoring Access and Benefit Sharing in India

Photo by Akhil Chandran on Unsplash. Mapusa, India.

This webinar presents the experience generated in India at the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), through the Indo-German Biodiversity Partnership (implemented by GIZ), to monitor Indian genetic resources through the creation of an online ABS monitoring system linked to the ABS permit system.

This webinar introduces this IT tool generated to monitor genetic resources, its main features and its possible utilization in third countries, as well as the databases, information and tools that feed this mechanism tool (Biodiversity informatics, geographical data, scientometrics, patent analytics, the use of web services, etc.).

The panelists and presentations of this session are as follows:

Dr. Alejandro Lago, Project Manager, UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project. Welcome remarks (5 minutes).

Dr. Vinod Mathur, Chairman, National Biodiversity Authority of India. Opening remarks: Relevance of Access and Benefit-Sharing in India (10 minutes).

Dr. Aeshita Mukherjee Wilske, Team Leader, ABS Partnership Project of India. Setting the context: The IT tool as a product of the Indo-German Biodiversity Programme (10 minutes).

Mr. Vijay Kumar, Joint Director, C-DAC. The IT Tool for monitoring Access and Benefit Sharing in India (20 minutes).

Dr. Paul Oldham. Access or replicability of the IT Tool for other countries and available tools and databases (20 minutes).

The session will be recorded and available at the Global ABS Community for members only. Register here to become a member of the Global ABS Community, the community of practice of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project and access to these and other relevant ABS resources following this link.

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12 February 2020




Fernando Lopez



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