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Webinar on Gender & Access and Benefit Sharing

Webinar on Gender & Access and Benefit Sharing

Fresh Ripe Cranberries In Belarus

Webinar to present the initial findings of gender analyzes of ABS value chains and share actionable recommendations to mainstream gender into ABS interventions in contribution to SDG 5

On the road to 2030, there is a growing understanding of the cultural constructions underpinning the roles played by women and men, youth and elderly and conditioning their relationship with biological and genetic resources.

Looking to the Access and Benefit Sharing regime (aka ABS) under the Nagoya Protocol, the key questions remain why does gender really matter? what benefits could we expect from mainstreaming gender into ABS value chains? and last but not least, how do we do it?

In 2018, the UNDP-GEF Global ABS project will conduct and facilitate a number of regional gender analyzes of pilot ABS value chains. The initial results of the preliminary desk review point out towards an efficiency-based narrative stressing the critical importance of mainstreaming gender into ABS interventions as one of the key entry points to design and build efficient and sustainable ABS value chains.

This webinar will present the initial findings. It will shed the lights on the differentiated gender roles among ABS value chains, try to explain the underlying cultural determinants, and most importantly, analyze gender-based implications for ABS value chains. After examining the “Whys” we will address the “How to” in an attempt to support ABS practitioners at the frontlines by providing them with actionable tools to better harness the full social, economic and environmental potential of ABS value chains.

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4 July 2018




Alejandro Iberico


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