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COP 14: Webinar on genetic resources for sustainable development

COP 14: Webinar on genetic resources for sustainable development

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In the framework of the Fourteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project will held up this side event on contributions of projects that use genetic resources to the implementation of the sustainable development goals. This activity will be Broadcast Live. Register here.


Genetic resources and sustainable development are inextricably linked. Genetic resources are essential for the development of agriculture, food/beverage, biotechnological and pharmaceutical products that support human well-being, and underpin the Earth’s life support systems. The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development sets forth an ambitious set of universal goals and targets to tackle the challenges facing the world today.

In order to ensure that its visionary outcomes are achieved, it is imperative that efforts to implement the 2030 Agenda do so in a way that effectively integrates the economic, social and environmental dimensions, including the role of genetic resources. The Nagoya Protocol is uniquely positioned to facilitate this integration through science, technology and traditional knowledge.

This side event examines the contribution of projects that use genetic resources to the implementation of the sustainable development goals. This will be done through selected presentations of case studies delivered by speakers. These case studies are also included in a publication prepared by UNDP that will be launched during the side event.

Thru this event, we expect to raise awareness about the contribution of ABS projects to the implementation of SDGs and also to present an overview of the global portfolio of ABS projects currently under design and implementation. Additionally, we aim to underscore the current impact of ABS projects on SDGs. Las but not least, we are pleased to launch our new publication titled “ABS is Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development”.

Among the distinguished speakers that will participate in this event are Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica; Diego Ignacio Moreno, Secretary of Environment Policy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Environment of the Argentinian Republic; Javier Pedreño, CEO Alexerion; Pierre Helle, Minister of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development of Cameroon; Seumaloisa Afele Faiilagi, Assistant Chief Execu&ve Officer, Division of Environment and Conservation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Samoa and Suzuki, Director of the National Institute on Genetics.

Will also participate as speakers Santiago Carrizosa, Global Advisor on Access to Genetic and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Global Environmental Finance Unit; Alexander Shestakov, Director of the Scientific and Policy Support Division CBD; Jaime Cavelier, Senior Diversity Specialist – GEF Secretariat; Midori Paxton, Senior Technical Adviser and Head of the Ecosystem and Biodiversity Programme, UNDP Global Environmental Finance Unit; Alejandro Lago, Manager UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project; Fernando López, Project Associate UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project; Tanya McGregor, CBD Secretariat Representative; Alejandro Callejas, UNDP, Aliya Kadyr, on behalf of UNDP and Khitma Awad, on behalf of HCENR.

To acces this event, register here.

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17 November 2018


Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt


Alejandro Iberico


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