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Building trust between users and providers of genetic resources to facilitate the identification of bio-discovery efforts

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Through several outreach activities, this project is helping to increase knowledge and awareness of ABS systems, business models and their applications, biodiscovery procedures, best practices, challenges and opportunities among the diverse stakeholders. Efforts focus on helping them to understand their responsibilities and obligations as users and providers of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, or as regulatory authorities, and on developing monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure compliance at all levels.

Targets under this component are to:

  1. Negotiate at least 25 ABS commercial agreements;
  2. Develop 20 ethical codes of conduct or guidelines for research on traditional knowledge and genetic resources;
  3. Conduct a mapping of the biotech companies that utilize genetic resources and traditional knowledge;
  4. Conduct knowledge, attitudes and practices assessment surveys in 17 countries and develop focused information campaigns;
  5. Develop socioeconomic valuation of key ABS value chains.
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